Tatiana Trofimowa is an extraordinary healer who combines her natural gift as a clairvoyant with Pranic healing to create a unique experience for her clients. Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing which utilizes Prana, (or life energy) to heal the whole physical body.

Tatiana has been practicing healing since 1990, initially in Russia and Poland, and in California since 2000. Tatiana uses her knowledge and skills to help people with various health problems as well as with psychological, emotional, and other issues. As a clairvoyant Tatiana also helps people with problems associated with past life karma and to clear the blockage with negative or bad energy. People of all ages come to Tatiana's office with various problems and concerns, and she always welcomes everyone as a very special guest.

Tatiana's astrological sign is Cancer, she was born under the star of Solomon. Like many other Cancers, Tatiana believes that her purpose in life is to serve and help people. Tatiana says that the most rewarding and gratifying experience in her life is to observe how much difference her sessions make for her clients.

Meet the Healer Meet the Healer Meet the Healer

Tatiana's office in Sunnyvale is always filled with people. It often happens that her clients who have already experienced her sessions come back and bring their friends and family members. Many people come to Tatiana with their problems and pains where after experiencing her sessions, tell her that they are feeling so much better, happier, and energized.

How to contact Tatiana
In case of need for comfort, you can have contact with Tatiana. Place yourself in any comfortable position with hands and legs uncrossed, the say the following code: TATIANA PLEASE COME TO ME AND HELP. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, GOODBYE.


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